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FWCF Theses

Below are a list of FWCF Theses. Please click the Dissertation Title to view the Thesis.

(If Known)
Author Name Dissertation Title Fellow Number
2023 Jansson, H. Fractures and Treatment of the Distal Phalanx 220
2022 Fennell, N.D An investigation of hoof mechanism characteristics following the application of wire trackers for various shoeing treatments involving the shod and unshod foot 219
2022 Martin, P.J. The Relationship between the Heel Buttress of the Hoof and the Orientation of the Distal Phalanx 218
2020 Smith, T.M. Can three-dimensional imaging be utilised to quantify morphology of the equine hoof. 217
2019 Horner, P. The effect of trimming on movement symmetry over time in domestic horses measured with an inertial sensor system. 215
2019 Moon, G. Hoof mapping - guide or rule - The accuracy of using external landmarks to localise internal structures in the equine hoof. 214
2018 CASSERLY, A. The assessment of the effect of frog support pads and packing upon the palmar angle of the distal phalanx. 213
2017 TOVEY, J. An investigative study into the digital Cushion and its relationship with the External hoof. 212
2017 BERGER, H. Use of external landmarks as reference points for the location of internal structures within the hoof capsule. 211
2017 BEANE, S. A comparison of two different dorsal hoof Wall trimming techniques. 210
2017 NUNN, J. An investigative study into the apical angle of The distal phalanx in the Untrimmed and trimmed equine hoof. 209
2017 LOGIE, S. A treatment of structural seedy toe by Medication and filling. 208
2017 HILL, S. The relationship between superficial digital flexor Tendon lesions and asymmetric feet in equine Forelimbs. 207
2016 WATSON, M. The effects of long term positive frog loading on the Distance between the heels of the foot. 204
2016 SHAVE, R. A study of growth rates around the hoof capsule perimeter, Comparing inter and intra hoof regions. 203
2016 TRUSSLER, M. Laterally Offset Hoof Capsules and their Effect upon the Medial Hoof in Front Feet. 202
2016 MOORE, S. Hoof Wall Thickness in Equine Feet: The Relevance to Foot Function. 201
2016 BURNS, T. Histologic characterization of the laminar interface at the crena marginis solearis in horses. 200
BROWN. S. An investigation into the effects on heel morphology following the insertion of 3° proprietary plastic heel wedge pads. 199
MITCHELL, D. Hind Foot Geometry and Proportion. 198
BALCHIN, P. The Golden Ratio In Relation to Hoof Capsular Geometry In Front Feet. 197
MILLER, M. The miracle of the 'natural' foot : limitations of the feral model in domestic horses. 196
PREECE, W. Farriery characteristics and treatment of 20 horses presenting with chronic medial heel foot pain. 195
NEWMAN, S. The effect of shoe shape on the biomechanics of locomotion in horses with bone spavin. 193
2006 POWELL, C. Difference in toe and heel angles. 191
2006 HOOD, G. The effects of lateral extensions on the hind limbs of the horse. 190
2006 CRAWFORD, D. The effects of lateral extensions on the hind limbs of the horse. 189
ARMSTRONG, S. A discussion of weak, under-run heels and a study of three shoeing methods. 188
WILLARD, K. Problems and solutions when shoeing the veteran equine. 187
WILDERSTEIN, M. A detailed examination of 'white line disease'. 186
MADDEN, K. Identification of the relationship between shoe wear and hoof capsule distortion in the shod front foot. 185
1998 GREGORY, C. Shoeing the American rodeo horse. 182
1996 POYNTON Experiences with the use of wedge soles in the treatments of hoof and limb imbalance in adult horses. 181
JONES, M. The horses natural balance mechanism and the effects forelimb misalignment and fore feet imbalance have upon it. 179
DAVISON, H. Problems encountered when shoeing shire horses for showing. 177
1993 GRIFFIN, B. Pacer shoeing according to conformation. 176
1993 BELL, I Evaluating the shoeing and associated hoof problems of household cavalry horses. 175
1992 BUTLER, D. Factors affecting hoof balance. 174
2011 CURTIS, S. The incidence of acquired flexural deformity and unilateral club foot (uneven feet) in thoroughbred foals (Non-WCF) BSc Thesis 173
1989 DEACON, M. Irregularities in the shape of the hoof capsule of the fore limb in the mature animal. 171
1987 CALDWELL, M. Pre-navicular syndrome 170
DUNMALL, P Seedy toe sandcrack false quarter. 169
1985 BRADBURY, D Farriery - A Description of Some Actual Cases Requiring Special Consideration 167
WARE, R. The balance of the horses foot. 165
FERRIE, A. Conformation defects concerning the farrier & corrective methods. 161
RYAN, T The blood supply to the horses foot and the farrier. 160
FLATTERS, B Ideas on the present day approach to farriery as dictated by horse-owners and financial considerations. 159
FERRIE, J. Essay on Laminitis. 158
1978 DUCKETT, D. Foot Growth. 153
1977 Stern, P.J. Problems I have found in horses feet and methods of shoeing 152
1974 HEAD, T. The principles and practice of scientific horse shoeing. 147
1972 Clark, R.J The adoption of horseshoeing 145