The Worshipful
Company of Farriers

Promoting the welfare of the horse since 1356

Dual Awards


By early 2012 the process set up to award the AWCF to those achieving the Foundation Degree (FdSc), and the FWCF for the BSc (Hons) in Farriery had been running for sufficient time to allow both Myerscough and the Worshipful Company of Farriers (WCF) to gain experience of the Dual Award Scheme. The programmed learning provided by the University degree system is clearly beneficial in the progression towards the higher examinations and is to be encouraged. However the fundamental differences between the assessment criteria for the modular Degree system and the single WCF examination with their different pass marks of 40 and 60 percent were not providing the WCF with sufficient confidence in the level of farriery knowledge, understanding, and skills to automatically award the WCF higher qualifications. The WCF higher qualifications have been awarded only to those demonstrating very high standards in farriery, and the WCF examinations and their qualifications have achieved an outstanding reputation which is recognised internationally.
In order to continue with the significant benefits of the programmed learning provided by the university route, the concession scheme remains fully supported by the WCF and will be continued, although the automatic award has been withdrawn, and farriery graduates must now take the relevant WCF Examination before being awarded the WCF higher examination. These changes were introduced in March 2012, and concessions were put in place for those on the degree course at that time so that they were not financially disadvantaged.

The degree route to the Company Higher Qualifications provided no totally independent and external examination process separated from those setting and teaching the course content. In order to provide this independent assessment for the award of the WCF higher qualifications, those achieving the DipED(Farriery) or BSc(Hons) are now required to sit the WCF higher examinations (AWCF or FWCF). Concessions have been put in place for one attempt at the examination providing the examination is attempted within 12 months of graduation with the DipED(Farriery) or BSc (Hons) degree. In addition, those achieving their degree with less than 60%, who would have been ineligible for the Dual Award, are now able to benefit from this concession. The current Dual Award Registration Fee remains payable on application. This concession remained valid for those who graduated with an FdSc until May 2014 or with BSc (Hons) until May 2013. Thereafter, all those graduating with the Dip(HE) or BSc (Hons) will be allowed to take the relevant WCF examination on one occasion at 50% of the Examination Fee, providing the exam is taken within 12 months of graduation. This concession replaces the Dual Award Registration Fee for all those graduating after the dates above.


Dissertation.  All dissertations submitted for the FWCF examination are now required to be submitted for Stage One of the examination.  The dissertation is to be summarised to 3000-5000 words in order to make the material more suitable for wider publication.  The word count limit of 3000-5000 words applies. Those qualifying after May 2013 will be required to resubmit a dissertation of 3000-5000 words. The same subject and material as the UCLAN dissertation may be used.  As detailed in the FWCF examination guidance, candidates will be required to make a 20 minute formal presentation on their Thesis.