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The Worshipful Company of Farriers was founded in 1356 in the City of London at the request of the Mayor to manage those involved with the craft of farriery and to uphold the welfare of the horse through good practice, which it continues to do in the 21st century. In 1674 during the reign of Charles II the Company was granted a Royal Charter and it is number 55 on the register of the City of London Livery Companies.

The Company maintains its close association with its origins and the craft by being the awarding body for the farriery qualifications of Diploma, Associate and Fellow. The Company continues to play a key role in the welfare of the horse by upholding high standards of farriery both in the UK and in overseeing examinations abroad. It also runs an extensive programme of competitions for shoeing and shoemaking, and best shod horse awards.

All Liverymen are also Freemen of the City of London and the Company maintains its ancient link with the City. The membership attracts not only craft farriers, but veterinary surgeons, equestrian professionals, charity executives and individuals with wide ranging backgrounds and interests.


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5th October 2022
AWCF Examinations (UK)

7th October 2022
FWCF Examinations (UK)

25th October 2022
AWCF Examinations (USA)

18th November 2022
Diploma Examinations - Written Paper (UK)

21st November 2022
Diploma Examinations - Practical Examination (UK)

1st December 2022
Advanced Military Farrier Course (AMFC)