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Master Farrier

The Worshipful Company of Farriers is committed both to raising the standards of farriery and the kudos of Farriers within the equestrian world. The WCF want to encourage Farriers to achieve qualifications and to become highly skilled in their chosen career. The WCF has had a long history of supporting CPD and further learning, from an apprentice's first day in training right through to a Fellowship awardee's presentation ceremony. Today, the Company offers recognised awards, qualifications and a registered mark that lay a solid foundation for the development of essential farriery skills and open up a defined tradesmanship pathway. Each designation stands by itself as a recognised standard of achievement.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​'MASTER FARRIER' is a registered, trade marked designation that is owned by the Worshipful Company of Farriers for use in Great Britain. The Company registered for exclusive usage of the title 'Master Farrier' and put in place a procedure which allows all those Farriers currently holding the higher qualifications - AWCF (or AFCL) and FWCF - to apply to use the mark.
The Worshipful Company of Farriers promotes the status of 'Master Farrier', so that those farriers who have passed the higher examinations within farriery can have another opportunity to display their excellence of the craft, and in turn have an increased standing in a competitive business environment.

Check to see the official list of Master Farriers
List of Master Farriers

Only qualified persons may apply to be 'Master Farrier', as detailed in the regulations for the Registered Mark.
Applicants must hold either the Associateship (including the AFCL) or Fellowship. Honorary Fellows may not apply, unless holding an AWCF or FWCF by examination.

How do I apply?
Application & Guidance Notes
Application for the Freedom
Application for both the Freedom and Livery

The application form must be signed by two supporters, one of whom must be a Liveryman of the Company. One supporter must hold the FWCF by examination, and the other must be a practising equine veterinary surgeon.

You can submit the application form by post or by email. The application fee of £250 can be paid online here.

Master Farriers are encouraged to become more involved with the Company. Find out how you can become a member of the Company here:

Find out more about City of London Livery companies in general here:

Once you have submitted an application, your details will be verified. Once you have been approved, you will be allocated a position at the next Company Court Meeting to be presented with your new registered mark.

Please note that no more than six Master Farriers can be installed at each Court.

Application priority is as follows:
  • Members of the Court
  • Members of the Examinations Board
  • Members of the Craft Committee
  • Members of other Company Committees
  • Liverymen
  • Non-Liverymen
  • FWCF Farriers
  • AWCF Farriers

  • A Master Farrier Certificate will be signed by the Master, the Chairman of Examinations Board, and the Registrar. The Certificate will be numbered and dated.
  • A waiver of the Fine and first year's Quarterage for Freedom of the Company (for those wishing to take up the Freedom)
  • A personally engraved silver medal.
  • A welcome dinner or lunch.
  • Master Farriers may use the Company's Heraldic Badge, as supplied by the Registrar, on letterheads and on their vehicle. This badge has been specially designed by the College of Arms.
  • For those Master Farrier applicants simultaneously applying to join the Livery of the Company within one year of their Master Farrier award, the Fine will be discounted by 50% (currently reduced to £212.50); full Quarterage as a Liveryman must be paid.

The Court of the WCF shall have powers to make or vary regulations concerning the Master Farrier Award from time to time, and shall have general supervisory powers over the awarding of the Master Farrier Trademark.

The Worshipful Company of Farriers is the only organisation in the United Kingdom that is allowed to use and confer the designation MASTER FARRIER.

An individual cannot become a MASTER FARRIER without passing the Associate (or) Fellow examinations, which are offered, organised and conducted or approved only by The Worshipful Company of Farriers. Only those persons permitted by the WCF may use the Mark.

The final decision with regard to granting an individual the title of MASTER FARRIER can be made only by The Worshipful Company of Farriers.

The Application Form includes a clause for removal of the title for inappropriate conduct.

The WCF registered mark is only applicable in the jurisdiction of Great Britain.
Further Information
For any queries about the Master Farrier process, please contact the Registrar & Craft Secretary.
For any queries about becoming a member of the Company and Livery fines, please contact the Clerk.