The Worshipful
Company of Farriers

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Fellowship (FWCF)

This is a Level 6 Ofqual occupational qualification.

The award of the Fellowship recognises the highest level of technical competence that can be achieved by a farrier. Having proved by gaining the Associateship that they are master craftsmen; Fellowship candidates must demonstrate the widest possible knowledge of farriery matters and the ability to lecture and instruct on that knowledge.

The Fellowship examination is a process of transformation, allowing you to explore ways to meet the farriery challenges of the future. You will hone your current skillset, expand your knowledge and specialise in the areas of shoeing that interest you. Your analytical, innovative and equine hoof care skill set will be challenged and stretched, and a selection of corrective shoes will give you the chance to apply your learning in real-world situations.

An aspiring Fellow is expected to demonstrate a very high level of forging ability, particularly in the area of corrective and remedial shoes. In addition, the aspirant is expected to be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of anatomy, physiology, and conformation as they affect the horse's lower limbs.

Only after successful completion of the complete examination will candidates be permitted to use the post nominal 'FWCF'.

Check to see the official list of Fellows
List of Fellows

A Fellowship Certificate will be signed by the Master, the Members of Examinations Board, and the Registrar. The Certificate will be numbered and dated.
Application to the Freedom and Livery of the Worshipful Company without fine; full Quarterage as a Liveryman must be paid.
A personally engraved gold medal
Invitation to a Company luncheon or dinner
Use of the post-nominals FWCF

Entry Requirements
The examination may be taken only by those who have been Associates for a period of not less than 12 months.
Applicants must have had at least 5 full years practical experience after passing the Diploma.

FWCF Examination Dates

Dates:- 17th to 20th April 2024 and 9th to 12th October 2024

Please note that the practical part of the examination must always be sat within the UK. The FWCF communications part can be arranged overseas for £1380.

There will be a waiting list put in place once the session is full. Early application is advised. There is a limit of 3 candidates for the practical part, and 3 candidates for the communications part, per day.

Preparing for the Exam
Guidance notes
FWCF Notes on Strikers
Guidance for the dissertation

**Check the syllabus each year for updates and amendments**

The Company has appointed Mentors who are available by mutual agreement with candidates for regular advice and assistance with both a reading list and preparation tips. A list of Mentors can be provided upon request to the Registrar.

Past Fellowship Dissertations
There are a number of FWCF Theses available to view in PDF format here.
There are also previous hardcopies of the FWCF Theses available from the Librarian at Myerscough College. Please email for further information. You can read the disclaimer which explains the status of all the dissertations.

How do I apply?
Application Form
Application Form for those with a DipHE or BSc (Hons)
Application Form for those taking the Communications module overseas

The Company is always happy to consider and then accommodate reasonable adjustments where it can, but this needs to be done in advance. Prospective candidates must inform the Company of a reasonable adjustment request at the time of their exam application.

​​​​​​​The examination may be taken in either order. Candidates may sit the Practical first, and then submit their dissertation for the session not more than 2 years and 6 months after passing the practical. The FWCF must be achieved within three years, after which time the practical must be retaken.

Alternatively, the traditional route may be used with the submission of the dissertation as stage one and then the remainder of the examination as stage two. Following the assessment of their dissertation, candidates will be notified not less than 8 weeks before the examination whether they have been given permission to proceed to the examination. This is an assessment that the dissertation is capable of defence at the examination, and not an assessment that it is a pass. The examiners may request clarification, correction or further discussion in the dissertation in order to ensure that if the candidate achieves their FWCF the dissertation is in a publishable state following the examination.

Please note that dissertation submissions will be subject to a number of methods to detect plagiarism, which may include an electronic detection tool. It is important that you:

  • understand what plagiarism is and why it is an academic offence
  • are aware that all content you use from online and print sources should be properly acknowledged

FWCF examinations for DipHE or BSc (Hons) graduates
All those graduating with the DipHE or BSc (Hons) in Farriery will be allowed to sit the take the relevant WCF Fellowship examination on one occasion at 50% of the Examination Fee, providing the exam is taken within 12 months of graduation. The same subject and material as the UCLan/ Myerscough dissertation may be used. As detailed in the FWCF examination guidance, candidates will be required to make a 20 minute formal presentation on their Thesis.

Further Information
For further information about the Fellowship process, contact the Registrar.
For further information about becoming a member of the Company, please contact the Clerk.