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Coronavirus (COVID-19): WCF Response

Undoubtedly there are many questions about how covid-19 may affect farriers and the decisions that they will need to make.

A balance is needed between vets and farriers continuing their duty of care towards the horses whilst also minimising all non-essential travel where possible.

As you would expect, the Company is closely monitoring the situation to ensure information continuity at all times.

DipWCF examinations – May 2020 – postponed
The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has affected all upcoming DipWCF candidates. The Company will need to postpone the May 2020 examinations in response to the pandemic and reschedule it for later in the year. The coronavirus outbreak is expected to continue having a significant impact on the education system, and the country, for months to come. Therefore the exams have been cancelled now to give apprentices, ATFs and the colleges certainty, whilst enabling alternative future plans to be made.
DipWCF examinations – May 2020 – rescheduled
Assuming that the restrictions are lifted, the May 2020 Diploma exams will now take place in September 2020. The Company and Colleges will make direct contact with the affected candidates over the coming months. The rescheduled dates are as follows:

- 25th September: Written Paper

- 28th Sep – 2nd Oct: Practical Exam

This is 133 days later than planned but it should allow all concerned the time needed to prepare themselves for a return to the norm. Rescheduling the exams to September will give apprentices, and all involved in farriery education, time to deal with our constantly changing landscape and the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Government advice for apprentices and ATFs
There is a helpful FAQ section that sets out guidance for apprentices, employers and training providers during this challenging time. Please visit this link.

BFBA advice for qualified farriers
It has been mutually agreed that farriery is essential. But people must adhere to the strictest biosecurity measures and the government guidelines on social distancing. For further clarification please visit this link.

FRC advice for qualified farriers
There has been some specific guidance with respect to animal health. The FRC will continue to monitor the situation and post their updates