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Associate (AWCF)


This list shows all those holding the AWCF:


Preparing for the AWCF Exam

There is an excellent article by Mr Simon Curtis FWCF on the AWCF Examination entitled 'So you want to be an Associate' which was featured in the Forge Magazine.  Aspiring candidates should read this article.  

The current versions of documents you will need to prepare for this examination are downloadable as PDF files from the following links:

Candidates should note that the format of the Written Paper has been amended with effect from January 2012.  Details may be found here

Certified Journeymen Farriers who have two years farriery experience since passing the AFA CJF may apply for the WCF Diploma, which is a pre-requisite for taking the AWCF examination. An application form for the CJF-DipWCF can be downloaded from this link. This is the first stage of the process and it is recommended that this is completed as early as possible. Application for the AWCF may not be made until the DipWCF application has been processed and this could take some weeks.

FITS   Candidates for the AWCF examination should note that the FITS ASF examination is NOT recognised as being equivalent to the DipWCF for the purposes of applying for the AWCF.  This situation is unlikely to change unless and until a major recognised national educational and equine authority takes responsibility for setting and maintaining standards internationally. Any cases of FITS candidates being misinformed on this issue should be reported to the Registrar.


AWCF Examination Dates

Please note that it may be necessary to hold part of the examinations (usually the written paper) for example on an afternoon some weeks before the AWCF examination. Every attempt will be made to minimise the time a candidate spends away from home/work, but on occasion some candidates may be required throughout the examination session. Any special requests to avoid particular days should be forwarded with the application form.

Payment may be made through the Fees and Payments page on this web site.  Please ensure you pay the fee for the correct examination.  The fee for Both Modules is towards the bottom of the list.

The next set of Higher Examinations will provisionally take place at the Defence Animal Centre on 3rd - 6th April 2019. Applications must be received by Thursday 31st January 2019.  The list will close once maximum capacity is reached and a waiting list will be in operation.  There are already a significant number of applications for this session.  Early application is advised.

The Programme for the next set of examinations can be downloaded by clicking here.   Please check for updates and changes before the examination.

The examinations take place at the Defence Animal Centre, Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0GX.   Click here for a location map for the DAC.


AWCF Fast Track applications

See the notes above on the Syllabus, Guidance notes and strikers.  The Fast Track Application Form may be downloaded from this link.

  1. For UK farriers the normal route to the AWCF is quicker and cheaper.  For most overseas farriers the only route to the AWCF has traditionally been through achievement of the DipWCF.  As the apprenticeship that led to the award of the DipWCF was under the management of FRC a procedure was established by the FRC that required overseas farriers firstly to travel to UK to take an assessment at one of the farriery colleges before subsequently being allowed to return again to the UK to sit the DipWCF.
  2. Overseas applications were open to any established farrier who has at least two years regular and gainful experience as a farrier (outside GB). The FRC Application fee (2014) was £1050. The candidate had to travel to UK for an assessment of their skills over 2 to 3 days at a UK College and if they are assessed to be at DipWCF level they are fast tracked to the DipWCF examination, again requiring travel to sit that examination in the UK. The candidates had also to pay for College time and the DipWCF fee.
  3. European or EEA applicants – open to farriers from Europe who can show they have a qualification in farriery, and if they come from a country where farriery is not regulated, two years work experience. The FRC Application fee (2014) was £800. After the assessment in the UK at a college the candidate had to choose whether or not to undertake a period of adaptation or sit a test of competence (the DipWCF).
  4. Thus the costs of achieving the AWCF for all non UK farriers was high, with an FRC Fee of £1050 or £800, a DipWCF Fee (2015) of £800, and the AWCF Fee (2015) of £800, plus travel and accommodation costs, and lost working time for the three visits to the UK for this FRC procedure.  This has been discouraging overseas farriers from taking the WCF higher examinations.
  5. In June 2015 the WCF Court therefore agreed amendments to the WCF rules for the AWCF examination to provide a quicker and cheaper ‘Fast Track’ option. An experienced overseas farrier may now apply for the AWCF examination direct, without having to achieve the DipWCF first.
  6. The procedure is now that the Candidate applies to the WCF for the Fast Track AWCF and supplies evidence of 6 years gainful shoeing in farrier’s own country, and pays the ‘Fast Track’ Fee. 
  7. This AWCF qualification is not a prescribed examination for entry onto the UK Register of Farriers as administered by the Farriers Registration Council, and success in this AWCF examination will not confer the right to register on the FRC Register of Farriers.

This ‘Fast Track’ option is only open to experienced farriers as evidenced by their submitted records showing 6 years gainful shoeing in their own country. 

AWCF Examination - North America

See the separate page detailing these examinations.


AWCF Award - Military Training Farrier

Army farriers who hold the Advanced Military Farriers Certificate (AMFC) qualification may register for an AWCF.

Formerly known as the Class I, the Military Training Farrier is achieved after the completion of the Advanced Military Farriery Course. The Class I qualification is issued following training as a farrier in the British Army and is equivalent to the Associateship. In the case of Army farriers, the Farriers Registration Council recognises the Army Class I or AMFC as a prescribed examination that is equivalent to the WCF Associate Award.

How do I apply?

Complete the application to be entered onto the register of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and recorded as achieving the Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers.

You can submit the application form by post or by email. The fee is normally £250 but for serving personnel who apply within 6 weeks of their Army Trade Test, this is discounted to £125. Payment can be made online here.


AWCF examinations for Myerscough graduates

Detailed rules on the concessions, which are only valid for 12 months after graduation, can be found from the Dual Awards section under Examinations.



A number of senior farriers and veterinary surgeons have offered their services as mentors for the higher examinations. To obtain a list please contact the the Registrar.